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Oasis of Investment Opportunities for Your Business

Rosarito, located in beautiful Baja California, has become a vibrant and appealing destination for investors. With its growing economy, strategic location, and welcoming atmosphere, Rosarito offers fertile ground for business growth and expansion.

Why Invest in Rosarito?

Economic Growth: Rosarito experiences sustained economic growth, driven by tourism, manufacturing, and real estate.

Strategic Location: Located just 30 minutes from the US border, Rosarito enjoys a privileged position to access a market of over 120 million people.

Favorable Environment: The local government offers tax incentives and support programs to attract investments and facilitate business development. High

Return on Investment: Rosarito offers high potential for return on investment, especially in sectors like tourism, housing, and industry.

Investment Opportunities:

Leasing a Commercial Space: There is high demand for commercial spaces in Rosarito, especially in tourist and high-traffic areas. Investing in leasing a space can generate stable and long-term income.

Building or Expanding a Business: If you're looking to expand your business or start a new one, Rosarito offers fertile ground for success. The city boasts a skilled workforce and constantly developing infrastructure.

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